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Eurocoating is a dynamic family-owned company with a solid reputation for powder-coating aluminium and guarantees quality, speed, flexibility and reliable service.

Founded in 1991 by A. Pauwels, the family-owned company Eurocoating quickly grew to become one of the most important, quality players in the aluminium sector in Belgium.

For 18 years, Eurocoating nv has been investing every year in modernisation and expansion of its machinery and training our personnel. Our investments in the newest technologies always take the greatest care for the environment into account.

The daily search for innovation and the many investments in new and environmentally friendly processes are no stranger to us. They make Eurocoating one of the largest specialists in electrostatic powder coating in Belgium. That strategy and philosophy have not only earned us the Qualicoat certificate, but also the new Qualicoat Seaside certificate. Our general administration system has also been awarded an ISO 9001:2000 standard certificate.

None of those innovations were very visible to the outside world. That is why, in early 2009, we decided to give the company a make-over.
The new company image typifies Eurocoating: innovative, modern, fresh, attractive and dynamic… briefly, Eurocoating NV!

We shall continue to invest in innovation, quality and service in the years to come, as well.